Silvio Berlusconi Audio Tape: Former Italian PM wishing Putin with vodka, wine, Berlusconi exposed on dual policy

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Berlusconi-Putin Friendship:


Silvio Berlusconi


In this audio tape, it is said that Berlusconi is talking to the MP of his centrist-right party ‘Forza Italia’ during a meeting in Parliament this week. Was told, ‘Recently once again I had contact with President Putin.

Silvio Berlusconi and Vladimir Putin Friendship: An audio tape of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been leaked. His double policy is visible in this tape. Because of this, he is also being heavily criticized. In this audio tape, Silvio Berlusconi is heard boasting that Russian President Vladimir Putin had recently once again contacted him. During this, both sent vodka, wine and “good luck” messages to each other.

Revealed by the news of Italy’s news agency

Italy’s ‘La Press’ news agency has published the news about this. In this audio tape, Berlusconi, 86, is said to be talking to an MP from his centrist-right party Forza Italia during a meeting in parliament this week. Recently I got in touch with President Putin once again. He sent me 20 bottles of vodka and a very sweet message. In return I sent him 20 bottles of Lambrusco (expensive red wine) and one such sweet message to him. Sent.’

Current PM is supporting Ukraine

According to the news, all this happened on the occasion of Berlusconi’s 86th birthday. Four days before this, the right wing had won the Italian national election. This news has also come to the fore because on the one hand the Conservative coalition of Italy led by Giorgia Meloni is strongly supporting Ukraine in the Russo-Ukraine war, while on the other hand Berlusconi, a veteran leader of the ‘Forza Italia’ party involved in the alliance, Exploring his relationship with Putin.

Berlusconi seems to be defending Russia

Russian officials have claimed time and time again that the West is at war with Russia; in the audiotape, Berlusconi defends Russia’s position on the war, telling lawmakers, “because we are giving Ukraine arms and financing.” Huh. Berlusconi’s support for Putin is not new. Previously, he had defended Russia’s aggression by claiming that Putin was pushed into it by pro-Moscow separatists in the eastern Ukrainian region of the Donbass.


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