Queen Elizabeth II: After all, where is the Royal Vault, where the bodies of the people of the Royal Family are buried; generations old tradition

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What is Royal Vault:

The Queen’s coffin is buried with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, in the Royal Vault of Windsor Castle. In such a situation, people are interested in knowing that what is this Royal Vault i.e. royal mortuary and where is it?

Queen Elizabeth II lowered into the royal vault:

The death and funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain has become the most event in the world in this century. More than 2000 VVIPs from all over the world reached to participate in it. Guests from all over the world arrived at the state funeral at Westminster Abbey on 19 September. According to Indian time, his body was buried in the Royal Vault of Windsor Castle at around 10 pm.

The buried queen:

Let us tell you that the coffin of the Queen was buried in the Royal Vault of Windsor Castle with her husband the Duke of Edinburgh. He has been buried in the Royal Vault of Windsor Castle since his death last April. This place is very royal and it is associated with the Royal Family. In such a situation, the interest of people is to know that what is this Royal Vault i.e. the royal mortuary room and where is it?

Elizabeth buried in the royal mortuary .

The Royal Vault is the altar of St George’s Chapel within the grounds of Windsor Castle, an underground vault or place of worship. It is about 16 feet (five meters) below the ground. St. George’s medieval castle. To say this is a simple mortuary, but it is very grand. Here the dead coffins of people associated with the British royalty are kept. Well it is a palace. The dead body is located in its lower ward. The palace has belonged to the monarchy for almost 1000 years. It was a major residence of Elizabeth II until her death.

This is how royal tradition is followed.

The vault itself is a stone chamber that is 70 feet (21 m) long and 28 feet (eight meters) wide. The entrance is closed with an iron gate. There is enough space inside the chamber to keep 44 bodies. 32 coffins are arranged on shelves made of stone walls, while the remaining 12 bodies are in the center of the room. During the funeral a slab of floor is removed in St George’s Chapel to access the underground mortuary. The coffin is then lowered through a hole in the floor by means of an electric lift. Once the lift reaches the bottom of the shaft, the coffin is manually carried down a corridor to the mortuary. Before it is placed on a shelf or central plinth i.e. platform. King George III ordered the construction of the Royal Vault in 1804. Its construction was completed in 1810.

Who is buried there?

St George’s Chapel has been a burial site for the royal family since the 15th century. The royal families who are buried include Henry VIII, Charles I and Edward VII. There are currently 25 members of the Royal Family in the Royal Vault, which are British monarchs, royal wives and children. Princess Amelia, daughter of King George III, who died in 1810 at the age of 27. Princess Augusta, sister of George III, was buried in the vault in 1813. Princess Charlotte, the daughter of King George IV, and her deceased son were placed here in 1817. Queen Charlotte, wife of George III, was buried in 1818. The deceased daughter of Prince Ernest Augustus, son of George III, was placed in 1818. In 1820, George III and Prince Edward, Duke of Kent were buried here.

People of many generations were buried.

After this, Princess Elizabeth, daughter of William IV, was placed here in 1821. Prince Frederick, Duke of York and a son of George III was placed here in 1827. George IV (1830) and William IV (1837) were kept in the Royal Vault after his death. Princess Sofia was placed here in 1840. Queen Adelaide, wife of William IV, was brought here in 1849. Queen Victoria’s grandson Schleswig (Prince of Holstein) Friedrich was placed here in 1876. George III’s grandson (the exiled King of Hanover) George V was placed here after his death in 1878. George V’s granddaughter Victoria von Powell Ramingen was placed in 1881. Princess Frederica of Hanover was placed in it in 1927. Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck and granddaughter of George III was enshrined in 1897. Prince Francis (Duke of Teck) was placed here in 1900. Prince Adolphus (Duke of Cambridge) and his wife, Princess Augusta (Duchess of Cambridge) were brought here from their original resting place in 1930. Prince Philip was brought here and buried on April 17, 2021.

The journey of coronation begins where it ends .

According to the UK time, from here on Monday morning at 8 am, the mortal body of the late Queen Elizabeth II, kept with royal honors, started on the way. At 9.44 a.m. The royal casket was taken from Westminster Hall and taken on its way. The State Gun Carriage of the Royal Navy was used to transport the Queen’s body from Westminster Hall to the Abbey. It was manned by 142 unicorn-clad sailors. Both the funerals of Lord Mountbatten (1979) and King George VI (1952) utilised this hearse. The final leg of his journey began when his funeral procession arrived at Westminster Abbey. This is where her love became official with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on 20 November 1947. In June 1953, the Queen of Britain assumed control of the monarchy from here. It was here that the queen was crowned, and it was also here that she spent her final days and breathed her last.

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