Putin ordered people to evacuate Russia; why are they seeking shelter elsewhere?

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What has happened in the Russo-Ukraine War so far? What is the new order of Vladimir Putin? Where have Russian citizens migrated and what is their number?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the merger of four regions of Ukraine with Russia. After this, other countries including America strongly condemned it in the United Nations. Voting was also held in the United Nations Security Council on a resolution condemning Russia for its occupation of four areas of Ukraine, which Russia vetoed. On the other hand, because of another announcement by Putin, the people of Russia are constantly leaving the country. More than 200,000 Russian citizens have left the country in the past week.

What has happened in the Russo-Ukraine War so far? What is the new order of Vladimir Putin? Why are millions of people forced to leave Russia after this order? Where have Russian citizens migrated and what is their number? Also what is the internal situation in Russia at the moment? Let’s know…

What happened in the Russo-Ukraine War so far?


Russia’s policy of attacking Ukraine by entering Ukraine now seems to be reversed. Indeed, in the last few months, Ukraine has not only saved its important cities like Kyiv, Kharkiv from Russian attacks, but has forced Russia to return. Not only this, after these areas, Ukraine has also started efforts to free the land occupied by Russia. In Kharkiv, Lyman and Kherson, Ukrainian forces have retaliated and reclaimed some 6,000 square kilometers of their land. In the midst of all this, Russia talked about holding referendums in four major regions of Ukraine. After this referendum, Putin announced the inclusion of these four regions in Russia.
After Putin’s announcement, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that Russia’s merger of four provinces is a violation of the UN Charter and has no legal value. He termed the move as dangerous and said it should not be accepted. “It will endanger the prospects of peace,” he said.

What is the order of Vladimir Putin?


Putin announced Partial Military Conscription, ie the recruitment of soldiers from the general public. Under this, a contingent of 3,00,000 soldiers is to be formed for war in Ukraine out of 25 million military trained reserves kept in Russia itself.

Why are people fleeing Russia after this order?


Putin’s announcement of recruiting military from among the common people has sent a very negative message to the Russian people. Putin had so far withheld such a decision. After this decision, there have been demonstrations in some places in Russia. Indeed, in most cities, the protestors include the elderly, who are questioning their young children being pushed into war without their will. People say that this war is the result of the passion of the Russian President, but it is affecting the general public. The two most senior lawmakers themselves and leaders close to Putin have admitted that public anger has increased after the military recruitment order.

According to reports and satellite photos, at this time a large number of people have gathered on the borders of Russia. These people are trying to flee the country. According to the New York Times report, 200,000 people have fled the country since Putin’s announcement. Russia borders with 14 countries and a large number of people are gathered on all. However, clear data has not been provided about the number of Russian nationals who have fled to all 14 countries.

The videos that have surfaced so far confirm that there are long lines of cars at checkpoints in countries bordering Russia. Most of the people are trying to flee to Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Finland. In conversations with Western media, some people have termed these policies of Putin as dictatorial.

Where did Russian citizens run away?


All neighbouring countries of Russia have not yet disclosed the number of Russian citizens who have come to their asylum. However, Kazakhstan’s government says it has received 98,000 Russians in the past week. Apart from this, 53,000 people have arrived in Georgia. According to the European Union’s border agency Frontex, 66,000 Russian nationals have entered it in the past week. That is, in these three areas, more than two lakh Russians have come to seek asylum. On the other hand, Russia’s neighbours such as China and North Korea have not yet provided data on Russian citizens. According to the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta operating from Latvia, 2,61,000 people have fled Russia in a week. Meanwhile, Estonia, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania have imposed border restrictions. Apart from this, the Finnish government has also talked about closing the entry points.

What is the internal situation in Russia?

The effect of Putin’s order is being seen inside Russia as well. Here people trying to flee the country are being stopped. Cars coming from the rest of Russia were stopped on Wednesday in Russia’s inner North Ossetia republic. According to the governor of Ossetia, this ban has been imposed due to 20,000 people crossing the border in two days.

On the other hand, even on Russian soil, people have come out against Putin’s decision. During a military recruitment in Ust Ilimsk, Siberia, a man shot the commander at close range. According to Russian media, the attacker was saying that no one would go to fight. We will go to our house. On the other hand, demonstrations are going on against the Russian President in Dagestan, located in the south of Russia. More than 100 people have been detained here.


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