PM’s race in Britain… Rishi Sunak announced his candidacy, told- how to improve the economy

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The name of Indian-origin Rishi Sunak is leading the race for the post of Prime Minister in Britain. He has also announced his candidature. He has the support of 128 Tory members of parliament. He said that I want to fix the economy of the country, I want to unite my party.

Indian-origin Rishi Sunak on Sunday formally announced his candidacy to contest for the leadership of the Conservative Party amid the uproar in Britain. He is a contender for the country’s next PM post after Liz Truss and said that he wants to fix the country’s economy.

42-year-old Sunak is seen at the forefront of this race. Because he has got the support of about 128 Tory members of Parliament. Even the country’s former PM was counted among the loyalists of Boris Johnson. He claims that he has 100 MPs to become PM.

‘I want to work for the country’

While former Prime Minister Johnson has not yet officially announced his candidacy. Giving information about his campaign, Sunak tweeted, ‘United Kingdom is a great country but we are facing a deep economic crisis. That’s why I stand to be the leader of the Conservative Party and your next prime minister. I want to fix the country’s economy, unite my party and work for my country.

count your work

Former Finance Minister Sunak also told about his track record during his work in the cabinet, how he managed the economy smoothly even in the most difficult times of the COVID pandemic. He tweeted, ‘The challenges we are facing now are even bigger. I have a track record of delivery, a clear plan to fix the biggest problems we face and I will deliver on what the 2019 manifesto promises.

asked for a chance

“The government I will lead will have honesty, professionalism and accountability at every level and I will work day and night,” he said. I am asking for your opportunity to help us fix our problems.’ Let us tell you that Prime Minister Truss resigned from his post on Thursday after open rebellion against his leadership in the Conservative Party.


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